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New Kings Road Vintage Guitar Emporium is one of Europe's premier vintage guitar shops. We have been serving the great and the good of the world's musicians for 25 years now. From acts breaking through to some of the biggest names on the planet, we pride ourself on a wealth of knowledge and experience. There is a guitar for every budget, right the way up to investment grade pieces. We have always specialised in working with with live acts and musicians looking for that certain sound. We are confident that we can achieve this for any guitarist. If you have any further inquiries please contact us through the website. We look forward to you becoming one of our family.



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1961 Gibson Les Paul SG, Ex Richie Sambora - CLICK FOR DETAILS

1956 Gibson ES5, Ex Richie Sambora - CLICK FOR DETAILS

1954 Fender Pro Amp, Ex Rory Gallagher - CLICK FOR DETAILS

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This is a 1996 Zemaitis Custom, metal front highly engraved by Danny O'Brien. The guitar is of the highest spec with hand engraved metal pick up surrounds and Custom bridge and tailpiece. These guitars with these appointments are some of the most sought after models on the market, and seldom come up for sale. The guitar electrically loaded with Armstrong designed pickups. Although this is towards the latter end of Tony's production, it is one of the finest playing ones that we have ever had in..A classic collectible of the future.. and a REALLY good guitar! These models have sold for well over £35,000. This is a very good price.


1966 Gibson J200, Ex Gary Grainger/Rod Stewart Band - CLICK FOR DETAILS

1957 Fender Bandmaster, Ex Gary Grainger/Rod Stewart Band - CLICK FOR DETAILS

1996 Zemaitis Custom



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Musicman Stingray Bass Left Handed, Ex Luke Morley - CLICK FOR DETAILS

1981 Fender Twin, Ex Hugh Cornwell - CLICK FOR DETAILS

1962 Fender Precision Bass, Ex Pino Palladino - CLICK FOR DETAILS

1060 Rickenbacker 4000, Ex Nick Lowe - CLICK FOR DETAILS